Sushi Samurai is all about real Japanese family dining

from fresh Sushi & Sashimi, Seasonable tempura, Sukiyaki hot pot and Ramen noodle with friendly service.
The secret of Sushi Samurai is ‘Fresh Sea foods just came out today from fish market’.

It’s at the perfect location within 3-minute walk from Darling Harbour and 5 minutes from The Star Casino.

Street parking is available around the shop, however, it is also conveniently located close to a Light Rail station, it’s an easy access from Fish Market as well as Darling Harbour.

During our busy lunch time, there is a Samurai Café open for your convenience.
This would be a great alternative for your busy schedule as Japanese Curry, Beef Rice Bowl and other items are available without waiting. It’s an EXPRESS service that you can use when Sushi Samurai looks a bit busy. Only open during the lunch time.

Lunch : Monday- Saturday 12:00-14:30
Dinner : Monday-Sunday 17:30-21:30
Public holiday : please see the update news.


Shop Info

For lunch time we recommend lunch set menu from $11.80.The main dish comes with Miso Soup and Agedashi Tofu. Very reasonable price!! The most popular menu item is the daily specials and you can enjoy the following dishes Monday to Saturday, great value!

Sushi & Sashimi Lunch Set $15.80

Wagyu Beef Steak Lunch Set $14.80

Teriyaki Fish Lunch Set $11.80

Teriyaki Salmon Lunch Set $14.80

Yakiniku Beef Lunch Set $12.80

Sushi Samurai Lunch Course $17.80

Enjoy them with Sapporo Beer (small) $5.00 or with Sushi Samurai Wine (glass) $5.00, available only for lunch time.

The most popular dish for local customer is Premium Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Set $13.80.
Everyone just loves it and keeps coming back for it.

Next popular menu is Sushi & Tempura Lunch Set ($17.80).

For dinner, more than 100 a la carte menus are available, Crispy Prawn Tempura $9.80(6pcs) is the most popular dish.

Additionally for dinner, we have our dinner set available from $24.80.
This includes a main dish with Sashimi, Miso soup, Udon noodles or Rice,
followed by some ice cream! Great value for the price that will fill you up with delicious food!

We have a variety of dessert choices as well.
Especially our sweets platter $12.80 is highly recommended. It is a set of Green tea tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse Cake etc...

Not only Tap Beer, Plum Wine and Samurai Wine, we have a wide selection of alcohol drinks as well. Please come and enjoy the dining experience at Sushi Samurai Pyrmont.

Party set

6 kinds of platter starts from $40~
Best choice for home party, picnic at park or beach and BBQ party.
How about going out on this weekend with our party set?

Please download the PDF by clicking the image.

Take Away Party Set
PDF 666kb

Catering Service

This is a on-site catering service. Professional chefs and waiters/ waitresses go to your home or office and serve sushi in front of you! (Minimum $600~)

Inside out Roll
Nigiri Sushi
Small Roll


Minimum $1,000~/ 3 hours, Capacity 30~50p

How about having a private party at Sushi Samurai on Saturday or Sunday?  (Lunch time only)
You can reserve a whole Samurai Restaurant for your occasions! (Only available at Sushi Samurai Pyrmont)
If you have any inquiries or need more information, please contact Sushi Samurai.

School Delivery service

Strathfield Girls High School  etc...

More than 10 schools use this service every year to learn Japanese culture in the language and culture classes.
Delivery is available (surcharge may apply) also we can make special menu on your request for food allergic or vegetarian.
If you have any inquiries, please contact to our shop on 02 9518 8852.
More details are available on

Inside out roll Set
Picnic Set
Vege Picnic Set
Vege inside out Roll Set